What is Weather Compensation?

Continuing our series of helpful information on boiler technology we focus this time on weather compensation. What is weather compensation?

Weather compensation automatically adjusts the heat going to your radiators or underfloor heating, whilst monitoring your outside temperature.

When the temperature outside drops the heat going to your radiators and underfloor heating will increase, ensuring ultimate efficiency and comfort. When the temperature outside rises, the heat going to your radiators and underfloor heating will reduce, again ensuring ultimate efficiency and comfort, with the potential to save on your energy bills.

With the Vaillant VRC 700, VRC 700f and vSMART controls you can utilise weather compensation which understands the thermal behaviour of your home.

What are the benefits?

What are the benefits of weather compensation over a standard time/temperature control?

Simple on/off (traditional) thermostats send information directly to the boiler to reach the desired temperature by heating the water in the radiators. This simply means that the boiler works at its maximum in order to reach the desired temperature. As the temperature cools and drops below target the boiler starts up again at 100% and this cycle is repeated.

Intelligent load compensating thermostats automatically adjusts water temperature going from the boiler to your radiators or underfloor heating. Combined with the weather compensator whereby the system knows what the outside temperature is, so it can understand if more or less heat to the radiators is required.

When a room is already warm and only a small room temperature increase is required, the controls will reduce the temperature to the radiators and underfloor ensuring energy usage is reduced and the boiler works at a reduced level.

This means:

  • An improved lifetime of the boiler through fewer on and off cycles;
  • Saving energy and therefore potential cost savings; and
  • Meet temperature demands more accurately maximising comfort.

Find out more about Vaillant controls here.

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