What is Boiler Plus?

Continuing our series of helpful information on boiler technology we focus this time on Boiler Plus. What is Boiler Plus?

‘Boiler Plus’ is a legislation which was implemented on the 6th April 2018 that aims to improve the way homes in the UK use energy by increasing the efficiency of their heating system. The legislation forms part of the Government’s ‘Heat in Buildings’ program designed to maximise energy efficiency.

From April 2018, all boilers must have a minimum Energy Related Product (ErP) efficiency of 92% and all installations must have time and temperature controls fitted, if they aren’t already present and working correctly. In addition, combi boilers require one of four additional requirements to be fitted. Each will need to be discussed with you and suited to your individual circumstances.

It will mean each installation will include a consultancy aspect needed for each boiler swap.

The measures are as follows:

  • Load compensation control – this type of control enables the boiler to work more efficiently whilst using lower energy levels to achieve the room temperature required.
  • Weather compensation control –The outdoor temperature is always changing, meaning your boiler doesn’t always need the same amount of energy to heat your house. This type of control comes with an outdoor temperature sensor and can therefore tell your boiler how hard it needs to work to get to your desired room temperature.
  • Smart control – a control that provides automation and optimisation.
  • Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device – makes your boiler more efficient by capturing and reusing heat energy that would otherwise have escaped from your flue.

From the feature-rich ecoTEC exclusive boilers, with built-in Passive Flue gas heat recovery (meaning it qualifies for Boiler Plus, straight out of the box) to the very simple and cost-effective VRT 50 working with the timeSWITCH 150 for the very simplest way to comply, Vaillant offers a wide range of intelligent and easy to use controls.

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As Vaillant Advance Installers Mike Jarvis Plumbing and Heating Services are now able to offer boiler guarantees of up 10 years on the Vaillant ecoTEC plus (upto 45kW) when installed with Vaillants brand new boiler protection kit.

Find out more about Vaillant controls here.

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